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Character name: Roy Garnette
Source canon: Staring Into The
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Important parts of Roy's app are meant to be kept secret since IC surprise is very important to Roy's own character arc and the canon as a whole.  The information regarding everything else can be read here.

Background: Once upon a time, there was a boy named Roy.  In an ideal world he would've been able to get a proper education and grow up into a productive member of society.  Unfortunately, things were not ideal and he lived much of his life on the street or in poverty, making ends meet in whatever ways he could without making enemies or a criminal record for himself.

Things changed one day though when a car accident outside of his bar turned out to be so much more.  A limo driving by got t-boned, with a number of men in the other car coming out to try to kidnap the limo's occupants.  Roy intervened and was little more than a nuisance to them directly, but he did buy time for the police to come.  In the aftermath, he was fired from is bouncer gig for abandoning his post and things seemed bad... for all of five seconds.  No sooner was he unemployed did the man he helped save offer him a job.  The man, the rich and reclusive tycoon John Dotrice, was impressed by his desire to leap to his aid and offered to take him on as a new bodyguard.  Dotrice owned a private, though populous, island, and this was not the only time there'd been an attempt by unsavory individuals to kidnap him for ransoming purposes, and he felt he needed to make it up to Roy for costing him his meal ticket.

Roy naturally accepted, and bam.  With one conversation suddenly Roy was doing better than most ever would in life, keeping an eye on Dotrice and making sure he stayed safe; a serious concern because of all the times people from some mysterious outfit kept trying to kidnap him.  On foot Roy wasn't the best fighter, but he had a drive and determination that made it hard to keep him down.

And for bigger enemies?  Well, there were perks to working for a rich businessman with all sorts of resources at his disposal.  And that included his own, personal robot: the Wagner.

Original canon background:

Roughly thirty years ago, a string of meteors came crashing down into the northern mid-Atlantic Ocean.  Nobody thought much of it until a few years later, when a shipping vessel discovered a rather strange island was developing where there should have been just empty ocean.  Dubbed "Erria", the vessel's parent company quickly swooped in to claim the island and investigate its mysteries.

Before long, Erria was the corporate headquarters of World Materials and home for much of its upper-crust including the founder and president John Dotrice.  Scientists were also hired to study the island, and their findings so far have been extremely intruiging: the island is almost like a "table", with numerous pillars going down all the way to the sea floor, and going up to join up at the "core" of the island.  This core produces an incredible amount of geothermal energy and is what powers everything on Erria, and further on up is the surface proper where a fully-functional and self-sufficient city has come up over the better part of the last three decades. 

Curiously though, after about ten years the island all but closed its doors to outsiders.  Dotrice still occasionally makes visits to the outside world, but they're short-lived and purely for business.  Recently though, Dotrice has been in the process of having Erria be brought into the ESUN fold though, and has been making frequent trips from the island for that purpose.

Unfortunately, there are some that see this as an opportunity to get rich quick.  Dotrice is wealthy; stupidly wealthy in fact, and there's been attempts to kidnap him in the past.  Hence his unlikely bodyguard, Roy Garnette, is coming along for the ride to keep him safe!

Or at least that's the idea.


Roy is the kind of guy who liked to think that things were going exactly right for him.  Going from a complete nobody to suddenly having all of his wants and needs handled does that to you, and he's also extremely loyal to John for doing all of this for him.  His confidence and pride can border on arrogance when he's talking about himself, and he also is more prone to calling people by nicknames than their actual names.  Sometimes this is to be a smartass, sometimes this is just him trying to be informal and friendly and also to cover up the fact he's absolutely terrible with names.

His attitude's on display even when he's bodyguarding too, and in fact can get pretty outspoken and confrontational when it comes to the matter of John's safety.  It's in these situations the nicknames get more hostile and demeaning, but also much more uncreative.  In any serious situation, Roy's first concern is also going to be Dotrice's safety.  It's his job first and foremost, and everyone else is going to come second.

In spite of that, in his heart Roy is a person with good intentions and is not blind to the suffering of others, just prone to looking before he leaps.  He got his job in the first place by rushing to the aid of a man he'd never seen before when he was outnumbered, and when he's confident (read: not necessarily 100% certain) that John's fine his drive to go and help others is on full display.  Kids in danger or some kind of bad straight especially are sure to get him to spring into action; too many memories of too many nights on the streets cold, hungry, and with nowhere to go.  Empathy comes easy to him, and frankly he's an easy mark for sob stories be they real or fabricated.

He also has a soft spot for things that aren't all in one piece.  Broken or damaged things can get his attention because of the potential they lose if nobody gives a damn about repairing and helping them out.  In his spare time he likes to tinker with damaged things he's picked up, and all of this ties into his eagerness to help those down on their luck.  He'd rather be on the team where he can help someone find confidence in himself than the one that's going to win, and he's never going to be ashamed of that.

This is how Roy is at the start of his canon, at the very least.  Later on though, Bad Things start happening and a lot of Roy's confidence and certainty about himself is going to stop being so certain... at least for a little while.  His relationship with Dotrice'll suffer as a consequence and he's going to have to deal with issues of identity and free will versus purpose and the greater good.  He'll have to work through why he always wants to help save people and if it's a good thing for anyone, most of all himself.

Capabilities and Resources: Roy is a decent-enough fighter in hand-to-hand, and has sufficient training with firearms that he can keep Dotrice safe whenever serious stuff happens.  He's also tougher and more determined than he looks; he's got the Shonen Force going for him meaning if you want him down and out you're going to need to break out heavy artillery.

Position in Unity Group: Some dude trying to save his boss

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: Wagner
Unit Description: http://www.titanatelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/32979558.jpg

A custom, one-of-a-kind machine, the Wagner is made from the most cutting-edge technologies available to World Materials and made for the purpose of letting Roy meet and counter large-scale threats to John Dotrice's person.  Fast and nimble, it was made to handle well in water since Erria's an island, and Roy has plenty of stories about threats he stopped as he battled around Erria's pillars.

The mech doesn't bring much beam weaponry to the table, instead favoring a high-frequency sword outfitted with microwave emitters.  The pommel of the blade doubles as a rocket anchor, letting Roy reel in elusive prey.  A secondary blade is mounted on the machine's shield, but it can also double as a handheld short sword or be extended out to a longer-reaching spear.  Though not as big, it sports larger microwave emitters to allow for a much more potent "heat flash" with every strike, letting it wear down enemies through sudden, overwhelming bursts.

An arm cannon is also mounted on the Wagner's right arm, complete with another pointy end in case he accidentally brings the gun to a knife fight, and can either be fired while mounted, or used in either hand.  It packs both conventional bullets and also custom explosive rounds as well.  For dedicated long-range combat though, the Wagner sports two flexible tentacles on its back, with a wide range of motion (obviously able to point forward) and able to fire beams at targets.  They also help with maneuvering whilst underwater too.

Lastly, thanks to biometrics and all that jazz, Roy is the only person who can pilot the Wagner.

Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground


In the separate post.

Mission requirement: None.  Roy'll show up at the Unity Group to assist them, along with getting more field-testing for the Wagner when Dotrice comes to the Unity Group to discuss Erria being brought in as a ESUN-controlled territory.  I'm hoping he actually sticks around for a while before his missions actually start.

Suggested Event List:

In the separate post.

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